The Benefits of Employer Sponsored Testing


Employee Testing

Does your company need drug testing services?

World Wide Health & Safety Testing can help your company identify substance abuse issues and make informed decisions on prospective employees.

  • On-Site Monitoring Our representatives will go out to the location desired to administer the test.
  • Expedited Turnaround We provide our results back within 48 hours.
  • Clinical Support Our team is available to review and educate regarding the report.
  • Customization We want to ensure our testing will fit your business structure. 


1. Deter drug use in the workplace. If employees, as a condition of their employment comply with mandatory drug tests, they are most likely to refrain from illegal drug use.

2. Increase efficiency in the workplace. In an American culture where drug use is rampant and proven to chemically imbalance behavior, companies cannot afford to have employees that are less efficient due to drugs in their system.

3. Protection of customers and employees. When employees work under the influence of illegal substances it triggers unwarranted dangers to themselves, coworkers and customers. The liability relies on the company that would allow a compromise of safety due to drug abusers in the work force.

4. Curving the cost of healthcare. Drug abusers tend to injure themselves more frequently and have 4 times the medical expenses than the average employee.

5. The community benefits when companies and organizations enforce mandatory drug screenings. In all parts of society we need to do our part to curve addiction.